Agrana in Egypt

About us

We currently operate one fruit processing plant in Egypt, where we transform premium fruit into top quality fruit preparations. Our production plant is located in close proximity to customers in order to be able to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

AGRANA Nile Fruits

Production site

AGRANA's strategy is to provide customers with top quality service by settling an operation in each market of a respective size.

Including its AGRANA NILE FRUITS factory in Egypt, the Group offers 4 production sites to supply the African and Middle East markets:

  • Cairo (AGRANA NILE FRUITS) for the north-western part of the African continent, plus some targeted customers in the Arabic Peninsula
  • Akbou (AGRANA FRUIT ALGERIA) for Northern African countries as well as regional export markets
  • Johannesburg (AGRANA FRUIT SOUTH AFRICA) for the southern half of the African continent
  • Istanbul (AGRANA FRUIT ISTANBUL) for Turkey and Middle East

In all cases, we are seeking for the best solution for our clients depending on freight costs and duration, custom duties agreements, product expertise and specific product equipments of each factory.


AGRANA NILE FRUITS brings together the strengths of its two shareholders:

  • Technology, product development, innovation, the management of key accounts, food quality and safety, and global sourcing from AGRANA
  • The ability to operate a food plant in Egypt, an export network outside Egypt, knowledge of the North African and Middle Eastern markets and local sourcing from NILE FRUITS


AGRANA NILE FRUITS is a joint venture between AGRANA FRUIT and NILE FRUITS. The company was created to provide high-value-added and superior quality fruit preparations to North African markets and certain Middle East Clients.


AGRANA FRUIT was founded in 1965 in Mitry-Mory (France) and invented the business of preparing fruit for yogurt in France. Through various shareholders, AGRANA has developed a network of twenty subsidiaries worldwide that deliver fruit preparations to local and international clients.


PERNOD-RICARD, French leader of alcoolic drinks buys  SIAS MPA  from COPPEE.


NILE FRUITS was founded in Cairo (Egypt) and is a fruit processor offering a wide range of products, including a wide variety of aseptic and frozen fruit purees. Over the years the company has expanded to offer Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) fruits and fruit preparations for yogurt, confectionery and ice creams.


SIAS MPA is bought by Butler Capital Partners (BCP). SIAS MPA is renamed  ATYS


Signature of a contract to buy ATYS between  BCP and AGRANA, one of food industry leader in Austria


AGRANA becomes 100% shareholder of ATYS. AGRANA merges several companies producing fruit preparations ((ATYS, STEIEROBST et DSF) in one Division  AGRANA Fruit.


  • June 24th: contracts between shareholders for  the creation of AGRANA NILE FRUITS signed in Cairo
  • company was legally registered in October 2010


1st production batch


  • June: Halal  and ISO 22000 certification
  • December: Increase of production capacity thanks to additional investment in the production line

Our Pol­icy

Client satisfaction is the heart of AGRANA NILE FRUITS' quality policy. Our objective is to consistently improve our performance in terms of service, price and product quality. We focus on a limited number of clients in order to concentrate our efforts and be able to meet their specific needs. A continual gain in market share and volumes is our best overall performance indicator.

A long-term commitment

In our business, this objective is realized over time. Its survival depends on:

  • aiming for zero defect in accordance with the AGRANA Group's strategy,
  • the highest standards of food safety for our products,
  • continually optimising our resources and organisation to create consistent profit and investment opportunities,
  • attention to sustainable development: staff safety, working conditions and employability of workers and optimising of natural resources.

A culture based on discipline and continual improvement 

Every work station contributes directly or indirectly to improving quality and client satisfaction:

  • everyday precision and adherence to good practices are the very foundation of our quality policy;
  • continual progress must consistently drive each of us to improve both the organisation and processes;
  • and we must maintain a high level of ethics and standards for ourselves and our colleagues.

Adequate resources

We undertake to provide our teams with the means to implement this policy, to obtain objectives and to continuously improve the system.

Our organization must combine flexibility, speed and innovation, while being at the forefront of efficiency and precision.


The innovating and original aspect of our products and services, our belonging to a world leading group, and real team competencies made us a reliable partner known by the biggest industrial groups.

Our strengths

  • The specific AGRANA structure brings an efficient network between all affiliates. This brings to our clients the guarantee to get a global vision on the international market and its innovations.
  • Experience sharing : we get some support from our Innovation Competency Center, based in Austria, being the place for communication between all affiliates.
  • Liveliness and diversity of the global markets as well as specific of African and Middle East food markets, constant source of Inspiration
  • Regarding our operation in Egypt, R&D and innovation is performed in France in order to keep the link with the innovative European market trends and the AGRANA innovation network by one person dedicated to African and Middle east Market, having good experience of specificities of those markets.

Our commitments

  • Continuous Quality : the "zero" defect strategy, aiming at a total client satisfaction.
  • Will to combine originality, value creation and industrial reality. We develop our innovations close to the market trends, while anticipating customer's expectations and answering their range and strategy specificities.
  • Advising role : attentive partner listening to our clients, we provide them with the marketing support needed for their projects.

All these combined strengths give us a unique position in our market; we are able to identify innovative projects and make them real through the development of innovative concepts.

To ensure its long term and sustainable success in a highly competitive market environment, it is AGRANA's strategic goal to set itself apart from its competitors via continual technological optimisation and product innovations. On the one hand, AGRANA strives to optimise its production technologies, also as regards sustainability criteria, and on the other, the company collaborates with its clients to develop recipes, special products, and new uses for existing products.

In the fruit preparation division, research and development activity is concentrated on the innovation and competence centre in Tulln|Austria. This research centre concentrates on developing innovative products and production techniques as well as conducting long-term research and development projects in order to provide AGRANA's internationally active clients with market-relevant solutions.